What does good leadership look like?

AmropCivitas Leadership Advisory partners with organizations undergoing transformational change to align strategy, leadership, talent, structure, and culture. We help you develop Leaders For What's Next™. The solid experience of our consultants is complemented by a proven set of customized tools and approaches.

There is not one single recipe for successful leadership. Making the right decisions at critical moments requires awareness, intuition, and teamwork. Leadership Advisory at AmropCivitas means made-to-measure: We do not believe in one size fits all solutions. We develop bespoke and individualized offerings and solutions together with our clients for their specific needs. Shaping our client’s sustainable success is our mission, craft, and passion.

Being a leader today requires insight, reflection, and flexibility to navigate changing global trends and answering critical lifecycle questions. We call this Wise Leadership.

  • Who are my Leaders For What's Next™?
  • How can I prepare my organizational structure for change and flexibility?
  • How do I build and support teams?
  • What competencies and attitudes do we need to successfully execute our business model and mission?

AmropCivitas is happy to discuss your needs and help you to develop your Leaders For What's Next™.

How can we help you?
1Leadership Assessment

We are experts in leadership and know what it takes for Leaders For What's Next™ as well as leadership teams to be successful, to shape high performing cultures and create sustainable organizations. Leadership assessment sits at the very heart of the talent management landscape. We believe leadership assessment needs a clear leadership model, competency framework and must be linked to your organization´s strategic goals and business challenges.

In today´s challenging and ever-changing environment it takes a leadership team’s collective wisdom, competence and experience to navigate an organization. More and more we see the focus of leadership assessment shift from focusing on individuals to a more comprehensive view on leadership team composition.

Our assessment team combines both, experience in business and in leadership assessment. When staffing our assessor teams, we consider this diversity of experience and perspective to be key.

2Leadership Development

In an ever-changing world, we work with you to design your company's talent process based on relevant competencies for your company's culture and success. We advise you on the introduction of development programs and act as coaches for your executives for personal reflection and development. Setting up leadership development and succession planning processes, tools and programs will ensure your organization to build up leadership excellence for the long run.

In an interconnected world, learning takes place at the borders of your organization, reflecting from the interaction with others. We offer selected cross-company learning programs for executives from different industries, with the goal of peer-group learning "outside the box" and the development of cross-company networks and communities of practice.

3Organizational Design

Structure follows strategy and people follow structure – remains a valid statement. We understand our clients’ strategic direction and ambitions and are their partners for a successful and sustainable transformation journey. We help them build an agile structure adapted to strategic intention that provides space for innovation as well as strategy deployment.

We help you design your change journey and shape your leadership capabilities to ensure sustainable implementation of a new structure and culture.

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