Transforming process-driven boards into behaviour-driven assets

We help you to transform your board: from basic compliance to a high-performing, strategic and future-ready asset. High-performing boards have a precise view of what makes them effective. They have the right blend of talent, leadership, diversity of thought and cultural fit. It is this composition that allows them to build a shared and robust strategic vision.

1Board Assessment

Today’s most successful boards foster diversity of thought. High-performing boards are more than the sum of their parts. For peak performance (fitness), good governance, and investor confidence, evaluation is central. Every board must demonstrate its ability to manage risk, leverage opportunity, and position the organization for success. Amrop has developed a complete board evaluation process: a review that evaluates the team as a whole and each individual member, creating a roadmap for the future. As a departure point, Amrop’s Board Evaluation Tool (BET) is a user-friendly online instrument.

2Non Executive Director Recruitment

Director by Director we help you define the composition for a dynamic, insightful and diverse board. By identifying strengths and analysing gaps in demographics, professional profile, mindset and skills, we help you understand what is relevant to your strategic ambitions. Old boys’ networks, recycled role descriptions and skills audits are a thing of the past. Instead, expect the same reliable processes and assessments as those that we deploy for executive search. We find and position the leaders who make the difference between success and failure in today’s fast-moving environments.

Discover our interactive program for new board members: Mastering Your Journey to Board Mandates.

3Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Good governance embraces contrasting viewpoints and eliminates bias from the ‘ideal’ director profile. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are prerequisites. We advise you on how to create a flourishing boardroom environment. One that contains a spectrum of profiles, encouraging all to contribute, and constructively challenge assumptions and perspectives. A diverse and inclusive board is exemplary. It walks the DE&I talk and sets the tone. Integrating DE&I in the strategic agenda, it asks the tough questions, monitors the data, and emphasises diversity to the Executive Team and beyond.

Discover our interactive leadership program Developing a D&I Mindset.

4Purposeful Leadership and ESG

Take part in meaningful conversations and develop honest human relationships through guided joint reflection and brainstorming.

Purposeful leadership has risen to the top of the corporate agenda and companies are under relentless pressure to deliver. Yet we tend to forget that a company is not, in itself, a decision-maker. Behind companies there are people, who make decisions on an hourly basis. This is why corporate ESG starts with the individual: the purposeful leadership style of each decision-maker. Our sustainable leadership program is a guided forum that enables peers from diverse organisations to share experiences and best practices. Thanks to powerful learning interactions, participants unlock insights on developing a personal sustainable leadership style, their personal purpose, and how to create a more purpose-driven organization.

Discover our interactive leadership program: Purposeful Leadership.

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