Your Executive Career, What’s Next?

Today all businesses are confronted with many ‘known unknowns’; complete new realities for which no blueprint or protocol exist. Uncharted territory that asks for radical new solutions. Currently, business equals complexity, chaos and uncertainty. And nothing but true leadership is called for. As we speak the wheat in leadership is being separated from the chaff. As I see it, the best leaders, right now, not only are able to maintain course in the turmoil, but instinctively find opportunity in crisis as well. In a rapid changing world personality, adaptability and leadership capabilities are preferred over experience alone.

With 25 years plus of executive career and executive search under my belt I’ve seen my fair share of different crises. And I know times of chaos are the best moment for true leaders to reflect on their current position. Am I making the right impact? Am I following my own dream, or am I living someone else’s? Is this it? What are my unknown unknowns? What more is there? Times of crisis are the moments for an executive to find her/his greatness. To take back the reigns of their career, to evolve and to navigate towards what’s Next, towards sustainable change.

To make this transition you need to have some certainties: one is “I know what I want, and I know my true strengths and assets.” The other is “I know in which business I can stand out and make a difference; I know where my impact will be maximum’. Based on these insights true leaders strategize the shift to what’s next in their careers. They create their own canvas for progress and evolution.

“In this process acting on impulse or opportunity leads to bad decisions. Executive evolution is a journey you don’t embark on casually or unprepared. It requires rigor, time, thought, reflection and most of all honesty. In my opinion this it’s not solo adventure. It flourishes with guidance and feedback based on evidence, and solid experience. Throughout my career I’ve guided, coached and mentored numerous top executives all over the globe to a new ‘next’ in their careers. This experience has resulted in a structured program I call ‘Executive 2.0’.

As a participant you will learn how to structure your experience to identify patterns in your career and create focus on the way forward. It provides you with the right tools to draw your own map, and the clarity of vision to see the woods for the trees of career opportunities. After the introduction it will take you a few weeks to develop your own executive story and your own job search strategy. The Executive 2.0 program offers you the structure, tools, guidance and inspiration. The quality of the results will be in your own hands, in your discipline and commitment to the program. 

Executive 2.0 is as practical as it is effective. Result is achieved through a highlystructured and proven approach. It’s focused on actual evidence of your personal and professional strengths and experiences. As one participant stated: “Soul searching has never got more methodical”. The program puts you in a pro-active role in terms of reorientation and taking control of your career. The highly unique and personal ‘brand promise’ we formulate and optimize throughout the program gives your super focus and clarity on the ‘next’ in your career path. 

And although it may seem safer to hold on to what you’ve got. Right now, is the best  moment for new leadership to emerge. Make this time your time! So, rise to the occasion and experience Executive 2.0 to find the ‘What’s next’ in your own executive evolution. Are you an executive in a leadership position and wants to invest in your own future career, reach out for a program application.


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