Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Practice

From Expert to Leader

Previously expected to be the experts, today GC’s, Chief Legal Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, Partners and other senior legal, compliance and regulatory professionals must also be leaders and business partners. Making the shift from expert to leader is not easy and only a minority of current high performers have genuine potential for leadership.


Amrop’s Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Practice works closely with both in-house functions and legal firms to help them navigate these challenges and attract, develop and retain best-in-class senior legal, compliance and regulatory professionals and executives. In order to optimally support our clients and candidates and in line with our ongoing commitment to the sector, we have developed two additional initiatives:


  • The 'Legal Leadership Program’ at the Nyenrode Business University. Nikie Welschen, leader of the Dutch Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Practice initiated and co-created the 'Legal Leadership Program’ at the Nyenrode Business University to enable organizations to groom their high potential internal legal, regulatory and compliance talent for leadership roles. For more information please click here


  • ‘BrainsFirst Assessments’. In close cooperation with BrainsFirst we are developing several neuroscience-based, cognitive assessments that determine someone’s natural, cognitive fit with a compliance, legal or regulatory position. Through these assessment we can also identify leadership and commercial potential.