The Automotive and Industrial sector spans multiple sub-categories. While these are differentiated by technology, applications and products, one mega trend is changing the game across the board: the ‘internet of things’ or ‘Industry 4.0’.

Both terms describe the merger of two evolutionary forces. Firstly, the machines, fleets and facilities born of a series of industrial revolutions. Secondly, IT, big data and the internet. Agile and forward-thinking organizations are innovatively combining these forces to connect machines, components and data systems along the entire value chain. Unprecedented levels of product customization are already possible for the brightest and best players.

Meanwhile, two further shifts are compounding the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0: legislative intricacy and a rising world population.


With over 30 years of experience, Amrop's Automotive & Industrial Sector Practice offers deeply knowledgeable professionals for Executive Search, Leadership Assessment and Independent Director Search to source "Leaders For What's Next", ambitious professionals to plan, develop and execute with agility, efficiency and in a sustainable manner.

We have extensive experience in conducting strategic searches in the industrial sector and our deep sector focus means we have an unrivalled understanding of each client's specific needs to identify and attract the highest performing and most successful people.





Sector Specializations
1Aerospace, Aviation & Defence
2Automotive & Mobility
4Building Materials
5Industrial Machinery
6Paper & Packaging

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