Empowering your executive talents

It is a specialized service made to measure, which allows determining qualitative and objective information linked to motivations, growth potential, psychosocial behaviors, aptitudes, opportunities for improvement, general and specific competencies, in order to establish concrete action plans adapted to the business needs and human capital.

Advice to evaluate your organizational leadership needs.

To prevent the consequences that can result from poor leadership, it is essential to evaluate the current leadership situation in the organization and create a strategic plan for the future, in order to ensure that you have the appropriate leaders to ensure sustainable success. AMROP's Leadership Assessment consultancy is designed to guide organizations in finding executive talent that demonstrates effective leadership skills.

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Get to know our Laser Headhunting methodology

We focus on understanding the organization, the business, the culture, the strategic moment and the required profile. Subsequently, we evaluate the executive to find the perfect fit between their experiences and competencies versus the organization's needs.

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Context, Survey, and Validation of the Profile

Set the objective and scope of the assessment with the organization’s leaders. Survey and discussion of the professional profile (hard skills and soft skills) Cultural brief and identification of specific experiences and competencies of the position. Validation of deliverables and customer expectations.

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Psychometric test. CV analysis. Interviews by Competencies. 360° Professional References.

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Report / Support

Preparation of the evaluated candidate's report, including interview video by competencies, results of psychometric tests and professional references, and our conclusions. Support for the leaders of the organization.

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Transition Coaching

6 sessions in a period of 3 months, after having started in the position. Added value that supports the process of insertion and adaptation of the executive to the new position/organization

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