Our Approach and Focus

Industry 4.0 require leaders with knowledge in several disciplines including supply chain, production and digitization. Amrop Sweden has closely followed and adapted recruitment for the challenges facing industrial organisations of today.

’Made in Sweden’ has always been associated with high quality and the industrial sector has for well over a century been a major driving force in the Swedish economy. Even though Sweden is a relatively small country, its industrial companies have been able to succeed globally. Several large companies were founded over a century ago and has grown from family-owned community organizations into important chains in the world economy.

At Amrop Sweden, we have experience of recruiting Senior Executives to industrial companies, general management and corporate functions including CEO, CFO, Head of Supply Chain, Business Area Managers, Lean Management, etc. Our vast experience within the industrial sector makes us confident to say that we are recruiting industrial leaders who are ready for What's Next!

Our Industrial Experts

We want to hear about your context and specific needs. Reach out to our industry experts to set up a meeting.