A New Sustainable Approach

Transport and logistics play an important role in today’s economy and have a large impact on Sweden’s growth and employment. It has become more evident than ever how valuable mobility and smooth flows of goods is for us. E-commerce is flourishing and consumers expect to get instant delivery to their homes, which requires a new form of logistics.

Decarbonizing and “greening” the transport system is an international trend and measurable emission reductions from the transport sector are a requirement for achieving climate goals at national and EU-level. This paradigm shift in the sector requires a new and long-term approach to traffic and infrastructure.

Our Focus

Amrop Sweden works with national and international organizations within the sector, having placed forward-thinking C-Suite leaders, Non-Executive Board Members and Senior Managers for more than three decades. We are dedicated to attracting innovate and competent leaders with strong strategic skills who can bring your organization through this huge sectoral transformation in a profitable and sustainable way that benefits society.

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