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We have a long-standing track record, not only in identifying but also in assessing and developing executives and corporate context. Leadership Advisory at Amrop means made-to-measure: We do not believe in one size fits all and our clients experience a bespoke offering to their specific needs.

Our Leadership Advisory Team in Sweden is led by Partner and Chartered Psychologist David Schain in Stockholm and Gothenburg as well as Partner Cecilia Callmer in Malmö. 

How can we help you?
1Leadership Assessment – An integrated part of the recruitment process

To ensure quality and provide maximum transparency in the area of personality, leadership, motivation and potential, a leadership assessment including an in-depth competency-based interview and psychometric testing is carried out with selected final candidates and reported back to you as both written and oral feedback to provide a balanced overview of the candidate’s potential.

2Onboarding & Individual coaching

Even experienced leaders have traits that have served them well in one environment but then becomes a liability in another. Being the selected candidate for a prestigious role might lead to assumptions that the way of leading and being is the way to go about. In addition, the weaknesses that were less evident in the last position can potentially become a challenge in a more complex environment or in a different culture if not tend to at an early stage.

Amrop’s 100-days integration program

Based on the extensive information about the candidate’s personality and leadership, which we have gathered during the search process, in combination with our understanding of your company journey, we create a bespoke 100-days program enabling advancement into the new role.

3Management Analysis – using multiple datapoints

Through our in-depth interviews, cross-over review and psychometric tests we provide a systematic analysis of each individual’s functional competency, personality, leadership style, motivation and drivers. The results are analysed and presented on both team and individual level to ensure change and a sustainable solution that fits your organization’s particular needs.     

4Management Team Development

Through a systematic initial analysis, we focus on both team dynamics and individual performance to modify our approach to your context. Our management team development projects often consist of 3-4 workshops over a period of 9-12 months supported by individual coaching sessions.

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