Our Approach and Focus

The Consumer Goods and Retail sectors have been a major driving force in the Swedish economy. Despite being a relatively small country, Sweden has managed to produce many companies with a global presence and leading role in this sector. From Electrolux to H&M and IKEA, to name a few, Sweden has established a significant footprint on the international scene, and with a continuously trend-seeking, innovative and competitive mind-set its vibrant business landscape continues to produce new contenders.

Having conducted hundreds of assignments with widely different actors in the market, our partners and consultants have a profound understanding of the industry landscape, its trends, opportunities, and the challenges that lie ahead. With our far-reaching experience within the executive search realm, we have the ability to go deeper and truly understand what is needed and expected from top executives to steer a company in the right direction, and thus we personalize our approach after each clients’ specific needs to find the best candidate.

In other words, we serve as trusted advisors to leading companies who wish to build a solid talent strategy and identify the most suitable Leaders For What’s Next.

Our Consumer & Retail Experts

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