Steering Through Uncertainty: Key Issues for Australian Boards in FY24

As we approach the new Australian financial year in July 2024, board members and executives face a complex economic landscape. At Amrop Carmichael Fisher a leading global executive search and leadership advisory, we've identified several key issues we believe most organisations will need to address:

  1. Navigating Economic Volatility: Global factors such as inflation and potential recessionary pressures require strategic cost management and scenario planning. Boards need to ensure leadership teams are prepared to adapt to changing consumer behaviour and potential supply chain disruptions.
  2. The Talent Tightrope: Attracting and retaining top talent remains paramount. Boards should be asking if their leadership teams are fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, and upskilling to win the ongoing war for talent in spite of some marginal easing in certain areas such as technology.
  3. Climate Change Imperative: Mandatory climate reporting for large companies is on the horizon. Boards must ensure their organisations have robust climate governance strategies in place, addressing emissions reduction and transition planning.
  4. Cybersecurity Under Siege: The ever-escalating threat of cyberattacks demands a proactive approach. Boards need to assess their organisation's cyber resilience and invest in robust data security measures.
  5. The ESG Spotlight: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors are no longer optional. Boards should ensure leadership teams integrate ESG considerations into their long-term strategy to attract investors and maintain a strong social license.


By proactively addressing these critical issues, Australian Boards can navigate the uncertainties of FY24 and position their organisations for sustainable success.

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Samantha Gold

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