It is related to specific criteria, based on professional and documentable observations and measures.

As an executive search firm, Amrop Carmichael Fisher defines Leadership Advisory as a structured, comprehensive and objective evaluation of current competences and future potential.

It is related to specific criteria, based on professional and documentable observations and measures.

Key questions:

  • How to build consensus between stakeholders from dispersed geographies, cultures, divisions?
  • How to integrate Leadership Assessment into talent management architecture?
  • Is it better to partner with specialists, or deep generalists? Using which tools? 
  • How to transform data into business insight?


  • Assessment of external candidates in the executive search process
  • Assessment of internal candidates for senior managerial positions
  • Assessment of senior managers and / or management team/s, and
  • Team development and succession planning.

Performance Shift

Amrop Carmichael Fisher has partnered with Performance Shift, a corporate training and consulting business specialising in assisting and building high performing leaders and teams. Our collaboration with Performance Shift provides our clients a full suite of training, consultation and coaching solutions to further develop and enhance the leaders within your organisation whilst supporting your on-boarding decisions.

Through his work with a variety of private, public and government organisations, Performance Shift has proven that his tools and expertise cultivate psychological safety, alignment, team cohesion, innovative thinking, trust, resilience and, most importantly, emotional intelligence among leaders and team members.

A strategic blend of art and science underpin the Performance Shift programs. Using assessments and proprietary diagnostics such as the High Performing Team (HPT) Assessment, clients gain a data-based insight into their leaders and teams, providing them with the ability to objectively assess their needs.

Initial research found a range of over 120 relevant articles which contributed to the understanding of factors involved in the effectiveness of teams, and the research where measures were developed or used in relation to these. These tools have been developed using 30 years of integrated work and incorporate theories from a range of experts, including Dr. John Molineaux of Deakin University. His research noted a range of critical factors, including internal factors such as:

  • a defined focus i.e. purpose and alignment
  • performance measures around results and accountability
  • knowledge and skills, and
  • response to individual needs and group culture.


Also covering group culture, based on factors around:

  • empowerment e.g. autonomy
  • learning
  • trust and shared vision
  • open communication
  • shared values and beliefs
  • supportive behaviours
  • innovation and creativity
  • feedback and learning, and
  • resilience and results.
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