Diversity Amrop

Unleashing the power of diversity

Successful organisations have vibrant cultures that embrace diversity and inclusion. Bringing together the full complexity of society, they create a strong foundation where differences are welcomed and innovation can flourish - creating a competitive edge in terms of value creation, employee satisfaction and retention, and public reputation.

As a premium search firm, we are fully cognisant of and committed to the concept of workplace diversity, the need to source candidates from the widest possible talent pool and at the same time maintain social and sustainable business practices. An awareness and commitment to this is incorporated in our recruitment methodology. 

We always focus on an individual’s qualifications and relevant experience as well as their leadership attributes and ambitions. We do not discriminate on factors such as ethnic background, gender, disability or sexual orientation. Our search and selection process is always based on the principles of merit and equity. 

Indigenous Australians, women, people with a disability, people from disadvantaged, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, gender diverse and intersex people will be encouraged to apply. As a result of previous appointment processes, we will discuss these opportunities through our Indigenous networks, while working and consult with you to produce shortlists which reflect diversity, inclusion and which are gender balanced. We treat all applicants with respect and dignity. 

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