What makes us different?

A structured approach for every project


We are entrepreneurs, and Amrop is a partnership. We take personal responsibility for everything we do. The pioneering spirit and the creation of strategic alliances and ecosystems are in our DNA.

Senior attention: Business development and project execution are conducted by the same consultants. Our clients receive the high-touch experience of a boutique firm. You can expect senior partner-led engagement, availability and accountability, every time.

Understanding the context: our advice and approach are tailored to every individual project, reflecting the unique context of each client.

Long-term, trusting client relationships: in every local market, we know our clients well.

Focused expertise: we put the best international team in front of our clients, combining industry and functional know-how. For each key sector, we bring you partners with senior business experience and/or specialized expertise.

Thorough, an exhaustive search for every project: Our searches are not preordained. We don’t recycle candidates. 


A robust process for executive and board search


24/7 client access to your mandate through our client portal. 

4-6 weeks to shortlist with a fast-track option: this track allows our clients to interview candidates as soon as they are QIA (Qualified, Interested, and Assessed).

Billing on completion of 3 milestones: at the outset, when the client starts seeing candidates, and when the candidate signs. 

We always reach a result: either the candidate is hired, or the client is satisfied the market has been thoroughly searched and intelligence gathered. Giving the evidence and information to make an alternative decision about how to proceed.

Complementary services: we offer consolidated intelligence for streamlined outcomes, executive assessment, C-Level succession mapping, outplacement, onboarding, team effectiveness, and team alignment workshops.

Fewer off-limits than our competitors: Why? Our entrepreneurial structure means that we rarely accept regional off-limits, removing the restriction from 95% of target companies and widening the talent pool.


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