Unprecedented challenges call for unprecedented solutions

If you think that the reality of your business environment can't get any more complex, the next challenge is rattling at the gate with full force. Globalization, the energy transition, digital transformation, inclusiveness, purpose, cybersecurity, Covid-19. Many would’t want to trade places with leaders and supervisors of modern companies.


The Supervisory Board professionalizes and becomes more activist

In this complex reality, a company cannot function without a professional Supervisory Board (SB). The challenges companies face are unprecedented; more expertise, specialised skills and professionalism is needed and moreover the responsibility for rigid supervisory is greater then ever. The SB supervises over the right leadership, the course, the culture of the company and is responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations. The SB is not only a sounding board, but above all a 'challenger' who dares to question the company's strategy without taking the driver's seat. A good SB keeps leaders on their toes and on track by keeping a pure moral compass.

Being critical requires critical self-reflection

Tomorrow's SB is a diverse, professional team that has been around the block many times. A balanced group of active and committed members with each specific specialist knowledge, experience, vision and wisdom, but with a holistic view on the company. A SB is composed on the basis of what will be needed in the future. She refreshes herself to the pulse of  developments; in the company, in the market and in society. Because she knows 'What got us here, won't get us there'. A professional SB regularly questions and 'challenges' her own composition, preferably by seeking consultation of professionals who are just as experienced and critical as they are themselves.

Amrop, more than 40 years of experience as a partner of SB's, "the Leaders for What's Next"

Amrop's quality is to search and select that supervisor with the necessary experience, specialties, culture, nationality, gender and diversity. Diversity and inclusion are the key to the future! Amrop's integral experience and (international) network is extremely powerful and offers the possibility to select from an international and diverse candidate potential. This offers organizations the guarantee to break out of their bubble and to tap into new networks. A new generation of supervisory commissionairs for a new future so that the company can evolve to 'what's next'.

We search the right leader for your organization

Amrop in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) is happy to help you finding these professionals for your company through executive search. Please contact us.