The ultimate balance of several distinct demands

The last two decades have seen a significant change and increasing relevance of the private sector within the Education industry in Brazil. The growing participation of private companies in all educational sub-segments has witnessed the uprise of several opportunities and challenges for the stakeholders of this industry. Balancing the initial fast-paced industry growth of the early years of the 21st century with a preliminary industry consolidation brought the appearance of new leadership styles and investors into the segment.

The economic crisis of last years added the need for operational excellence implementation and more robust cost control for local institutions. Lately, all players have realized the importance of innovation efforts to improve their offerings and meet customer demands.

More importantly, on top of all mentioned challenges, all players in the education industry must always be aware of and aim at reaching the unquestioning adequate balance of profitability and academic excellence.

Therefore, the complexity, social reach, and business relevance of the Education industry in Brazil make Amrop the perfect partner for players searching for leaders that can efficiently handle such a challenging business.     

Our Approach and Focus

At Amrop Brazil, our Education practice aims at supporting companies in the broad Education industry to find leaders that can handle the complexities of this crucial socioeconomic segment.

The set of skills required for leaders in the Education segment brings a distinct level of complexity for institutions in this segment. The lack of a sound comprehension of this business environment could, therefore, generate inadequate solutions for companies searching for leadership improvements. Thus, our Education practice intends to provide services from experienced individuals with proven records in the Education industry.

Finding the right balance of several distinct goals required from the companies of this segment demands leaders with a unique set of capabilities. Additionally, the current challenging and changing business environment requires the capacity for anticipating and implanting changes and innovations in a strongly regulated industry.

At Amrop Brazil, we strive to understand the sector and its potential pathways. By doing so, we support our customers in addressing their current and future needs and opportunities.

Sector Specializations

  • Higher Education (Undergrad and Graduation)
  • K-12 and Secondary
  • Other free programs / Language
  • Ed Tech
  • Education Financial Services (incl. Scholarships and Discount suppliers)
  • Tech Vocational (Secondary and Tertiary)
  • Academic Leadership positions