From Complexity to Sustainability

From connected energy grids and networked thermostats to smart robotics and factories of the future, the pace of digitising the physical world is accelerating. At the same time, there is imperative for improved sustainability within industry, with global commitments and targets to significantly reduce carbon emissions. Forward looking organizations need to be able to address the challenges whilst at the same time harnessing the opportunities. Companies require leaders who can translate complexity into strategic direction and business success.

Sector Specialization

  1. Aerospace & Aviation
  2. Automotive & Mobility
  3. Chemicals
  4. Building Materials
  5. Industrial Machinery
  6. Paper & Packaging
  7. Metals & Mining

Our Approach and Focus

Amrop’s global industrial practice team is composed of more than 30 partners and consultants, with over 30 years’ experience, and are based in virtually every industrial city in the world. We help our clients to find and develop leaders from across industries and geographies who have the ability to manage change and adapt to the future. We are extremely experienced at conducting strategic searches in the industrial sector and our deep sector focus means we have an unrivaled understanding of the specific needs of each client to identify and attract the most high-performing and successful individuals.