Digital transformation

True digital transformation emanates from the core of the organization and takes place at every level. Whether strategic or tactical, from the boardroom to the office or warehouse, every level requires a customized solution, and customization requires specialists. Each with their own knowledge, digital experience and specialism.

We offer a thorough assessment of executive leaders and their teams mapping relevant skills and experience before embarking on an executive search strategy to find those leaders who will provide both value and culture-add to the business. 

Our Approach and Focus

Amrop’s global digital practice team has deep technology expertise, combining functional and sector experience, a global approach and valuable insights on local markets.

We can advise and support you to assess and select transformational technology leaders to accelerate business growth within your organization. Our teams execute talent advisory and executive search assignments to recruit Board Members, C-Suite and key team leaders and individual contributors. We leverage our own digital tools and systems, including our dedicated Client Portal and Amrop’s Digital Competency Model. 

Sector Focus
1Cloud, Software, Saas and Apps

Advances in computing power and distribution drive an ongoing need for competitive software solutions. The digital transformation is software: from DevOps to low-code apps and platforms, ERP, Cloud, SaaS, software development trends change as fast as technology itself.

The Amrop Digital practice mirrors our clients and their needs; we offer an agile, connected and forward looking global team.

We are positioned to support your hiring needs for exceptional professionals who can anticipate and address the transformational challenges of their business and industry. 

2AI, ML and Data Analytics

Data is being used to better lead organizations and create new business opportunities reshaping your organizations. The future of work is changing, humans and machines working together and ever faster. 

Talent shortfalls are an issue as mathematical, technical and analytical profiles will be in high demand. There is also a need to blend technical excellence with business acumen.  

Our team has access to a global talent pool - deep relationships with skilled and innovative candidates and academics around the world. Our executive search success will bring you outstanding professionals who are able to optimize the new business opportunities of data, AI and ML. 


Cyber threats continue to be an inherent part of the ongoing digital revolution. The global pandemic caused a shift to remote and hybrid work, forcing organizations to pivot the way they operate practically overnight. Cybercriminals saw huge opportunity in the crisis causing Security and IT teams to adapt the way they do business.

Amrop helps your our client to define and fill crucial Security Officer and Head of Cybersecurity roles. We bring an excellent understanding of key requirements, potential vulnerabilities, and organizational context. 


Network carriers and service providers are scrambling to improve customer retention in telecoms industry by cost-effectively satisfying the ever-growing data and network quality expectations of their customers.

Companies are shifting towards a cloud-based infrastructure from traditional data centres, driven by enhanced cost optimisation, and increased flexibility and productivity.

5G, remote working and video communication are all putting pressure on telecoms businesses to outperform.

Amrop can help you target new talented leaders who have an innovative approach, bringing experience in leveraging global mobility, a focus on digital, IOT and edge computing expertise.

5Media & Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment sector is in a high growth dynamic environment. Specific consumer demands on distributed content coupled with the explosion in handheld home access devices has created a new paradigm.

Multiple media and entertainment sub-sectors like Broadcast, Print, Telecom Operators, Online Gaming all have their own dynamics and a potential requirement for different experience and leadership.

Amrop works across a broad spectrum, from creative start-ups to mature multinationals. The team is positioned to support your need for exceptional professionals who can navigate the new marketplace.

6Chief Information Officers, Non-Executive Directors

Technology not only brings physical change to an organization. The type of leaders that implement the technological change are wired differently as well. This starts at the Board level and percolates through the organisation.

There is a high demand for IT Directors (CIO’s) in applications and ERP, cybersecurity, IT operations and infrastructure, networking, cloud, digital solutions and platforms. Your organization needs these Digital Directors who are also customer centric, can manage key stakeholders, are great in storytelling and provide expertise and learning for the Board.

Amrop brings valuable experience in how to setup an executive search strategy to find you these leaders. The successful process will include our leadership assessment and exclusive Amrop Digital Competency model.


Consumers readiness to try new digital financial services grew rampantly in the global pandemic, leading to the increasing speed of innovation within the financial services industry.

Amrop’s Global Fintech Practice team has extensive experience and focus within the financial technology markets. The Practice works closely with a dynamic portfolio of global consultancy firms, financial software solutions and services providers and technology start-ups operating in a series of disrupting sectors: mobile payments, money transfers and loans, fundraising and asset management.

The Amrop team has in-depth executive search experience working with both financial services and technology companies. This dual focus provides a thorough understanding of these two interconnected industries, and is a powerful platform for identifying and hiring forward-looking leaders with the relevant expertise, cultural fit and successful Fintech growth experience.