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The Amrop Edge

Over the years we have built a structure that is uniquely new age. Our services are built on the philosophy that every business, opportunity, candidate, and market is unique – and needs to be nurtured in the same way.

The Amrop network across countries operate in an autonomous, empowered, agile model while remaining aligned with the common goal of keeping the client at the centre. We are a nimble firm without the hierarchical challenges of a monolithic organization. We bring forward-looking insights on the future design of organizations, roles and competencies that guide the roadmap of our clients in their transformation and scale of journeys. This is how we make our clients future-ready. We are a self-evolving learning enterprise with investing mindsets to stay ahead of our client's requirements.

All our engagements with our clients are driven by our awareness of their context. Using a Contextual Leadership approach, we are able to help company leaders navigate the evolving industry and business environments. We bring in an external, unbiased and expert opinion to validate or challenge internally held views related to Corporate Governance, Board and Leadership. We connect the dots between internal and external perspectives for organizations.

Wide Domain Expertise

  • Industry Practices lead with business intelligence on global trends in Role Design, Talent Shifts, and Business Impact.
  • Trusted Advisor - Partnering with clients in shaping their thinking on organization, roles and leadership teams.

Passion for Research

  • Top quality and customized research behind every engagement.
  • Ongoing Business, Organization and Leadership Intelligence is our core DNA and Capability.

Delivery DNA & Exceptional Partnering

  • Over 80% closure rate and 70% repeat business consistently based on client trust in our executive search offering.
  • Strong partnering in evolution and development of Leading Indian groups using all our services.

Repute & Relationships in The World of Leaders

  • Extraordinary Access and Repute built on Advisory relationships in the World of Leaders.
  • Indian office drives Global mandates with global candidates.

Senior Partner Attention

  • Entrepreneurial model in which Partners lead all work – lead with ownership, drive for success and ensure leverage of firms capability.
  • A deep assessment philosophy focused on domain, leadership, cultural and aspirational fit.

Contextual Driven In-depth Approach

  • Nuanced understanding of Client Context – Vision, Strategy, Business Model, Culture, Organization Realities and Overall Journey.
  • Each engagement is customized to the Context.


At Amrop India, we are dedicated towards building a knowledge platform for leadership research . In-depth and customized research goes behind every engagement. Our research teams use the latest digital tools and are competent advocates of our clients' brands and reputations.

Context Driven

Our research teams start with a thorough understanding of each assignment in the Client’s organizational context of Vision, Strategy, Business Model, Products, Services, Market Position, Culture, Organization Realities and Overall Journey. Every engagement is customized to this context and enables us to arrive at innovative solutions across borders. Experienced in conducting nuanced conversations, they are trained to look beyond the obvious to unravel undetected organizational gaps that may be a foundational flaw.

Ongoing Learning

To assure the highest levels of Trusted Advisorship in a rapidly changing environment, Amrop in partnership with IMD , provides carefully tailored in-person and online learning programs to our research teams via Amrop University. These programs reflect a fusion of local market knowledge and global trends while adhering to the highest standards of excellence and ethics. We connect learning across our global partnership with a blend of methodologies that deploys online workshops, cross-border mentoring and onsite global learning events.

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