Technology & E-commerce

In this context, we are aware that this industry will require leaders with business agility, a strong focus on constant innovation, and the ability to provide robust leadership. All while maintaining firm operational control and further developing key customer relationship.

Amrop India Partners and Researchers combine deep sectoral knowledge with market expertise. Partners have high affinity to the technology space as many of them have hands on technology industry experience.

Our work in the Technology & E-commerce Practice cuts across independent yet interdependent spaces such as the Services side – software services, business process outsourcing; Product side – software & hardware; Functional side – CIOs & CTOs, and Internet.

We believe that conducting these searches requires sharing the technology vision of the client while understanding its leadership context. We focus on this exciting partnership with clients. Setting boards and inducting board members for technology companies is another dimension of our work.

Technology & E-commerce Practice Team

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