Organizational & Talent Advisory

Amrop India’s seasoned partners and consultants have the deep expertise to help with organizational restructuring to nudge a company in the right direction from being founder driven to investor driven. Our belief in agility with context-driven approach to partnerships enables smooth transitions and sets the stage for progress. This helps companies scale and grow at a much faster pace, efficiently. We help clients blueprint a future-ready org design, with our unique offering that integrates our strengths to enable forward-looking growth.


Built on insights from a unique benchmarking process that integrated tangible parameters (reflective of client’s strategy and objectives) across external Best in class organizations. Leveraging insights from the benchmarking process, roadmap for future capabilities is developed in a holistic manner to help redesign existing roles and KPIs While retaining the Organisations core culture and inherent strengths.

Org. Advisory paves the way to assess internal roles & responsibilities with external benchmarking platforms to enhance competency frameworks and be a catalyst for digital transformation. The roadmaps are developed holistically, to retain the organization’s core culture & inherent strengths through a unique UnBoxd Process. Amrop India’s unique offering ensures that every business receives:

  1. UnBoxd is an Insights Platform used by Amrop, to power the blueprint development for Organizational Design for Amrop’s Business Partners
  2. External Benchmarking - Business Performance, Talent, Compensation, ESOPSStrategy Effectiveness
  3. Digital Transformation - Leveraging businesses’ contextual framework, opportunities, strategies & talent
  4. Talent Advisory - Competency Frameworks & Talent Assessments

Highlights & developments in Org Design -

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