External Succession

The changing landscape of business challenges has fuelled the complexity of talent management for most companies. Choice of a successor for a senior leader is the most important decision for a company. Despite having a succession program internally, attrition and performance issues of senior leadership team make companies vulnerable to risk. Boardroom dilemmas on succession are:

  • How does the Board de-risk business from unplanned departure of a senior leader?
  • Do we have the right successor internally in today’s business context?
  • Can we let this senior leader go, even though he/she is a suboptimal choice today?
  • We wish to build this new business – will we have the right leadership talent to advance it at the right time?

Amrop India’s External Succession Practice works with Boards to address these dilemmas. Our extensive experience in Executive Search and Board Consulting pulls together internal succession processes with an external succession model, creating a powerful and robust succession program.

The attrition risks tilt the balance of performance equation between companies and executive leaders in favor of the executives. Many a times, a sub optimal performance is tolerated because of lack of options. Investing in external succession has brought the balance back for our clients. Our specialized succession program provides confidence to Boards to make the right choice without compromising on growth of business.