Executive Search

Executive Search is our leading practice through which we partner with clients in identifying and recruiting leaders in domestic and international markets to develop, renew, and sustain their business activities.

Amrop India researchers and consultants assess market availability, use comparative benchmarking and find candidates who not only have the required experience and expertise but are the right cultural fit with the organization. A Senior Partner is involved in every search assignment until its successful completion, ensuring in-depth consulting throughout the process to enable insightful decisions.

Our differentiated context driven process includes:

  • Diagnostic Search Briefing — Setting the Project for Clarity
    Engaging Key Stakeholders in Client Organization to build an insightful and sharp understanding of their needs based on their context
  • Research and Candidate Approach Phase — Finding the Best
    “All Hands on Deck”, a collaborative client-centric Amrop culture ensures wide and original research
  • Interviews & Shortlist Recommendation — Beyond Resume to Fitment Evaluation
    Evaluation by experienced consultants on Role, Leadership, Cultural and Aspirations Fit – More diverse slates ensure transformational hire
  • Closure & Integration — Value Delivered
    Structured process and responsible problem solving approach drives closure