Education is a flagship practice of Amrop. This is a unique practice for us and we care deeply for this sector. This reflects across the range of academic and non-academic leadership searches that we have worked across the entire eco-system ranging from Management (IIMs and Private Universities), Engineering (IITs and Private Universities), Research Centres, Edu-Tech to K-12 segments.

Additionally, few things for you to note:

  1. Our Education practice is one of our strongest practices and cuts across Universities, Management Schools, K-12 & EdTech’s.
  2. Its a global practice, develops and tracks the Indian diaspora globally in academic world. We further leverage the global expertise of Amrop, residing in leading education markets – USA, Australia, UK, Singapore and other relevant European and Asian.
  3. Our appointments include Directors, Deans and Chairs, Senior Academicians, Senior leadership in Non-academic side; as well as building advisory boards in India and globally.
  4. Client spectrum is wide and so is our work - Public and Private universities, Small to large, Established to upcoming, Well-defined roles to newly crafted, Not- for-profit & EdTech’s.

Our Expertise

We take pride in the following:

  1. Catered to academic searches through deep domain knowledge and industry awareness of generic domains (Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Entrepreneurship) to highly niche and specialized domains such as Artificial Intelligence/Data Science, Analytics, Applied Sciences etc.
  2. Co-created new and upcoming non-academic roles that were non-existent in the Education sector – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Digital Officer (CDO) etc.
  3. Often help reposition and further develop the roles that need modifications based on the industry trends and evolving market needs.
  4. Participate in special engagements curated to the client needs through knowledge partnerships, beyond search assessments of the finalists, external benchmarking and org. advisory.

The Amrop’s Edge

  1. Deep Industry connects with Indian and global academics
  2. Understanding of the evolving needs with a perspective on the talent sources and hiring strategies
  3. Deep-diving into the role and institute to ensure right positioning to the filtered candidates
  4. Multi-level referencing and detailed evaluation reports to provide holistic perspective on the candidate’s fitment

1Case Study - Program Chair (AI/DS)

2Case Study - Dean - Top Tiered Private Business School

3Case Study - Founding Leadership Team

4Case Study - Executive Director, Executive Execution

5Case Study - CMO

6Case Study - CEO Successor - Academy of Research

Education Practice Team

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