A New Model For Digital Competencies | CULTURE

As Peter Drucker famously said: “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The fast-moving and complex environment of digitization is no exception to the rule. For a digital strategy to grow and flourish, it must be rooted in a working culture that is developed and exemplified by a progressive CIO.

What exactly are the competencies needed for a CIO to foster a digital culture? This is the focus of this third chapter of our four-part series unpacking Amrop’s Digital Competency Model.

Digital Competency Model 3 Culture

Looking at the ability of digital leaders to create a digital culture, our 2019 study exploring Digitization on Boards found at least some encouraging signs: 50% are succeeding in building a sense of cohesion in a fragmented organizational picture, fostering collaboration across internal silos and departments. However they are less than confident in their agility and in their ability to cultivate digital learning organizations.

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