Cyber Security

Data Privacy:

How Boards Can Safeguard Digital Assets Today For Success Tomorrow

Cyber continues to dominate headlines - and rightly so. Not only is the topic wide-ranging, but cyber attacks are mushrooming daily, unconstrained by geographic or sectoral borders. Like so many of today’s business issues, human decision-making and behavior lie at the heart of the problem.

How can companies develop digital offerings without inviting the real threat of cyber risks? Beyond the numbers, how much insight do boards really have? Within board governance, what data governance structures are needed?

These are just some of the questions that inhabit the cyber security landscape. In this article, Amrop breaks the subject into bite-size portions. We dive into the fast-evolving world of privacy engineering – the tools, technologies and processes that can be used to enforce privacy policies to deliver the principles of privacy by design,
considering privacy risk throughout the entire data life cycle.

Cyber Security 1 Safeguarding Digital Assets

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