The Key to an Efficient Board

The Board of Directors must generate maximum value for the company - in the short and long term. It holds a key responsibility for the company’s strategy and ensures the implementation. In addition, the Board is legally obliged to ensure that the company owns the necessary finances and professional competencies to achieve the set goals. 

Every Board Member should contribute to a high-performing team - whose strength is more than the sum of its parts. The secret is a clever combination of personalities, experience, and skills.

Our contribution to a healthy and efficient Board is delivered through the processes of Search, Evaluation and Advisory.


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1Board Search

The Amrop Board Search works to appoint the right leaders for not only Boards, but also Chairs, Independent Directors, Advisory Boards, and Committees. In doing so, we aim to identify, assess, and present Leaders For What’s Next – Board Members who can flex to evolving strategic and operating environments.  

2Board Evaluation

Amrop's Board Evaluation (report and process) evaluates the Board's effectiveness as a team, the individual members' contribution to the Board work and the management group's satisfaction with this governing body.

In our evaluation, we blend data collection techniques to provide a holistic analysis of the Board and its Members.

3Board Advisory

The Amrop Board Advisory service is designed to support the Board Evaluation and ensure a competent, relevant, professional, and active Board. We provide support on the internal management of Boards, on team optimization and how to adapt to future requirements.

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