Global Logistics: to Mitigate Vulnerabilities and Profit from Sustainability

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed even more focus on the need for efficient and reliable supply chains. Industry developments have shown the importance and vulnerability of global Transportation, Shipping, and Logistics. Faced with increased demand for reliability, combined with a general frustration from the industry, consumers, and regulators, the industry must engage on new fronts that can benefit their business such as:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Advanced Analytics 
  • Business Transparency
  • Network Improvement
  • Asset Management


At the same time, decarbonization remains a top priority, which in turn drives technological development, smarter supply chains, asset upgrades and advanced analytics. Ensuring positive business results and competitive advantages through decarbonization remains a key challenge for top-level Transportation, Shipping, and Logistics companies.


Our Approach 


Denmark is a globally leading shipping nation, and some of Amrop’s global experts are located here. With a top-level network throughout the industry, Amrop is a leading advisory partner for Boards and Executives throughout “Det Blå Danmark”. Amrop’s Denmark-based industry experts are also co-drivers of the global Transportation, Shipping, and Logistics practice. 


With a truly global approach and top industry experts in all major shipping hubs, Amrop has an unmatched capability to support industry Boards and Executives in their recruitment and leadership development efforts. Amrop Partners are also able to provide the necessary sparring to cultivate new insights and bring diversity to the industry – also at executive level.  

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