The New Era of Industrial Organizations

The most agile and forward-looking organizations are combining forces to connect machines, components, and computer systems along the entire value chain. They are all competing in the race for new market shares, while maintaining a sustainable business.   

Once again, a revolution is taking place in the Industrial sector. In this new era, success is defined by companies who dare to take the leap and see value in new opportunities. For example, an unprecedented level of product customization is already possible for the most innovative players.

The pandemic years have been a valuable lesson for Industrial organizations and forced them to redefine their traditional business models. The question is, how do they create a robust business in a constantly changing landscape? How can they maintain a long-term focus and place sensible long-term investments while demands from customers, legislators, suppliers, etc. are constantly changing? Sustainability goals and now the pandemic as a global force majeure must also be taken into account.


Our Approach


At Amrop Denmark, we have experience in recruiting Senior Executives for industrial companies, including positions such as CEO, CFO, Head of Supply Chain, Business Area Managers, Lean Management, etc. We combine industrial insight with local know-how, and use the global Amrop partnership, where the business unfolds in a worldwide perspective.


Amrop’s Industrial Practice is configured to anticipate and respond to the talent needs in the following Industrial sub-sectors:

  • Automotive OEM (Manufacturers), OES (suppliers, specialists), Distribution (importers, wholesale, retail, OEM and independent) Services (consulting, engineering, IT, marketing)
  • Industrial basic materials (steel and aluminum, plastics) to agricultural machines, machine tools, packaging, plant and engineering, aerospace, marine and power generation


Our vast experience in recruiting for the industrial sector makes us confident to say that we are positioning industrial leaders who are ready for What’s Next. 

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