Scaling Digital Customer Insights

Today, the traditional retail business model has largely been replaced by a data-driven model, creating new channels of work for the omni-channel retailer. Both consumer goods companies and retailers are realizing that customer data is the key to boost and drive new business. Implementing AI and digital front- and back-end solutions not only enables companies to predict changing customer preferences but can enhance everything from digital marketing to customer service.

Through uncertain times and disruptive markets, these companies are now more than ever dependent on the scalability of their business. Technologies help companies personalize their marketing efforts. They remove manual processes from customer service, order management and other consistent and rule-based processes. In this way, digitalization and data-driven efforts can contribute to a strong scaling of the company's business.

The data-driven transition requires a unique type of leader. Management must be able to adapt to an increasingly changing business landscape while maintaining a stable forward-looking strategic focus. As more companies see the potential in the data-driven model, the competition to attact leadership talents intensifies.


Our Approach


Amrop Denmark offers local market experience and expertise supported by global resources. We understand the drivers behind the new digitalized multi-generational, multicultural workforce.

In close collaboration with our clients, we design compelling employee value propositions to attract and retain the highly qualified executives our Consumer & Retails clients need - Leaders for What's Next with the right digital leadership profile.

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