We find "Leaders For What’s Next”

Amrop Researchers assess market availability, use comparative benchmarking, and find candidates who not only have the required experience and expertise but are the right cultural fit with the organization. Every search assignment is executed by a Partner and a team of Researchers until completed successfully.

We strive to present a strong and diverse set of candidates with the right experience, expertise, and mindset. We stay by the client’s side throughout the process– also through the negotiation and onboarding phases to ensure a successful start for the new candidate.


We work as Trusted Advisors

In each case, we provide:

  • Global network – local commitment with global reach
  • Agile and transparent processes – swift results of excellent quality
  • Flexibility into client processes and needs
  • Focus on long-term value based on deep customer insights
  • A personal and accommodating approach, ensuring a good and comfortable experience for all candidates
  • Strong commitment to diversity and inclusion
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