New Adventurous Leadership

Mega Trends, Future Rules of Business & Building New Leadership

Since the financial crisis and the launch of the smartphone, a new generation of digital companies has emerged and split the business landscape. On the old gameboard, the majority of traditional companies competed based on the business models of the 20th century. But now there’s a brand-new gameboard, with new players playing by different 21st century rules and technologies. These new companies are 10 to 40 times more efficient per employee than the old ones. If nothing is done the incumbents are heading for their Kodak moment, but if established businesses succeed in crossing the chasm to the new gameboard, future opportunities are almost endless. We are witness to a brave new world in the making — at high speed. Over the next 10 to 20 years, we’ll have to re-design practically every industry on the planet: we need new cities, new mobility, new sustainable energy, a new supply chain infrastructure, food, education and welfare for 9 billion happy people.

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