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We can identify leaders in the area of finance, law, and regulation, who participate in the business and help organizations they work for, to implement their strategies. Nowadays, top financial managers, in other words, directors must have truly impressive skills. These are strategic-financial skills in capital planning, M&A, business planning, investor relations, taxes – as well as operational capabilities for business growth and change management. In addition to these, they must be able to guarantee the integrity of the financial situation of the organization, increase shareholder value, determine optimal risk management and closely monitor the costs.


Amrop Financial Officers Practice helps their clients in the financial department to build exceptional teams led by top experts and competent managers capable to meet expectations of CEOs and Boards. Our experts keep in regular contact with corporate finance professionals and they stay in touch with the latest trend and requirements of finance managers. Currently the people, who excel in these positions, possess not only expertise in accounting, tax, economic analysis, financial planning, etc., but these financial managers must be able to plan, manage, lead and control as well as represent the company in business meetings, cooperate with auditors and state financial and tax offices or communicate with banks, investment and other financial institutions and business partners.

This group of management and specialized positions also includes the search and selection of leaders for law offices that face various pressures and frequent changes in legislation over time, as a result of which their economic results are confronted with new legal service providers and different expectations from clients. Also, this is forcing them to redefine the value they deliver, the structure and the adjustment of fees. Partners in law offices must therefore continuously develop and gain new experience. At the same time, executives must have a higher level of strategic ability than ever before.

Our practice in the area of law and regulation includes cooperation with in-house lawyers and law offices to help them with current and future challenges. Within the global network and at the national level, we work with boards and CEOs to recruit regulatory advisors with the range of experience and competence necessary for making them important team members. We help build legal functions and design succession and development plans so that the company can then function as a sustainable and cohesive unit.

The regulatory environment is becoming increasingly complex and inconsistent and so, many organizations have difficulty keeping up with exponential changes. Amrop is aware that regulation is being strengthened at national and European level. Organizations need to approach strategically the degree of regulation and the associated need for compliance with the existing legislative environment and the overall regulatory framework. For this purpose, Amrop Slovakia, through close cooperation with Fipra Slovakia (Public Affairs & Government Relations), and thanks to its reputation, experience and ability to develop strategic relations in public and private sectors, helps identify suitable candidates who know how the regulatory framework works and as the legislators think, and at the same time, have the necessary leadership and social skills to guide their organizations properly.

For the proper functioning of the organization, it is necessary to move and actively contribute to influencing the political and legislative environment, which can be achieved by lobbying. Right through this, organizations in the ranks of various stakeholders assert their interests to create favorable political conditions for their functioning. This is most common in areas such as medicine, pharmacy, energetics, banking, industry, manufacturing, retail, IT and telecommunications. In addition to lobbying, the monitoring of legislation and also current events in the surrounding environment is important.

Important: Organizations need to change their approach to regulation and create a new, much more interoperable environment. Regulatory departments cannot be “only” business support, but full and equal partners for other departments.

To sum up, our working group operating in this field has a wealth of experience with the identification of the right leaders not only in the financial departments but also in several related areas:

  • Appointment of CFO
  • Controlling
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Compliance
  • Tax
  • Audit
  • Financial Advisory
  • Legal Services
  • Accounting
  • Risk Management
  • M & A
  • Transactions & Restructuring


Amrop delivers fully-fledged and diversified consulting solutions taking in account requirements to discover, attract, assess and know specific talents suitable for positions as Financial Officers & Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Professionals, through number of consulting solutions as Executive Search, Talent Mapping, Executive Market Mapping, Executive Coaching, Competency-Based Assessments, Career Management and Succession Planning.

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