Increasing dynamics of change requires different approach to those that we want to acquire or attract for the jobs. The shift is from tactical short-term view to more creative and strategic approach to people to get to really know them, their traits and potential and to build close relation with them to strengthen employer brand.

In our consulting approach, we help with Strategic Talent Acquisition processes at several levels:

Talent Acquisition Framework Audit

– we help firms to assess their processes in Talent Acquisition area, or we help them to set it up if they do not have one in place

Talent Acquisition Strategy Development

– in order to be successful in acquiring and attracting right people the good strategy needs to be in place; we advise and guide many organizations in setting up their Talent Acquisition Strategy

Employment Branding

– people need to be attracted by firms and therefore it is important what associations their brand creates in minds of people; it is then important what attributes through which channels and to which target populations the firm communicates; we help clients create optimal communication mix to attract the right people

Talent Rediscovery / Creating and Managing Talent Pools

– we need to know competencies of people and not only what they learned and what they did. With this goal, we build relations with people and discover their talent. Doing this we can identify hidden potential of people currently working for the client being unaware that they could do something different and more beneficial for the company. Each Talent Acquisition Consultant continuously builds relations with exceptional talents in specific area to share it with clients when needed

Search & Recruitment

– knowing people, their talents and competencies enables us to provide quick solutions to our clients. We also know when to apply Executive Search as more appropriate approach for finding the right solution for our client

Repatriation of Slovak Executives Abroad

– addressing continuously growing demand for highly qualified human capital we can approach also professionals abroad. Expertise, creativity, enthusiasm and competitiveness are essential pillars of economic growth and these attributes bring real business results. And because of this we find it important to be involved in the successful return of Slovaks to their home country. Within Strategy Talent Acquisition we pay great attention to connecting inspiring clients working environments and experienced human capital from abroad. This experience includes:

    • Slovak Executives Abroad Market Mapping
    • Sustainable Talent Supply Chain Online and Offline
    • Tailor-made People Solution
    • Mediation Services
    • Talent Placement
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