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CEO & Board

Amrop has noted increased demand for different type of CEOs and Board members. The role of CEO is more and more scrutinized by public as well as regulators. Corporate governance reforms and increased complexity of managed structures put CEOs under higher pressure and consequently lead to different set of skills expected they have when being hired and later on. Our CEO & Board Practice is built on ability to execute projects at the top level of organizations and due to our long term experience in Board Consulting Services on our ability to serve as trusted advisors to CEOs and Board on complex issues with direct impact on their business.


The goal of CEOs remains the same – maximize profit and develop long term successful business. Nevertheless the conditions under which the CEOs are trying to succeed in accomplishing the task keep changing dramatically. Their chance to succeed is influenced not only by usual economic cycles but also by globalization, increased insecurity in society, lower certainty of economic environment development, less predictable external influences, changes in regulations, new technologies as well as changes in expectations of new generations of employees. Businesses can tackle the growing complexity by choosing the right leader at the top of the company with support of suitable Board. Board configuration in context of experience of individual members and appropriate diversity could be the decisive factor for ultimate success of the company.

Due to this factor Amrop covers number of issues in this practice:

  • Appointment of CEO/COO
  • Appointment of Board members
  • Appointment of non-executive Board members
  • Composition and structure of Board
  • Remunerations of Board members
  • Succession planning programs for CEO position
  • Corporate Governance systems implementation
  • Board and individual Board member operation assessment


Amrop CEO & Board Practice uses experience of our senior consultants with experience from serving in a number of director and board roles and who have good knowledge of different business models used in different sectors. This experience is especially valuable in this functional practice group as well as during searches for various top positions.

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