The public and non-profit sectors play an important role in every society.

Government & Regulatory
In almost all areas, we have witnessed enormous technological, economic and cultural changes that require state and local authorities and regulators to review the way they make decisions, implement policies, provide services and communicate with the public and private sectors. Today’s world requires a fundamental transformation of the way these organizations address and cooperate with a wide range of stakeholders. With maximum dedication, we are helping to navigate them on this path. We are working to define their needs, to identify the competencies that their leaders need as well as to improve organizational and personnel structures. Our extensive experience enables us to provide best practices and effective consulting.

EU/UK & International Organizations
To operate effectively, EU/UK and international organizations need to have leaders with rich experience in developing viable and sustainable strategies at key positions. Leaders of these organizations need a new set of competencies and skills. We guide the leaders of various European, British and international organizations in finding the right solutions they need in a new environment. Thanks to many years of experience of our consultants working in this consulting field, we help them to find, select and attract directors to various types of organizations, to evaluate performance of leaders and to build top teams.

Education & R&D
Universities, colleges and science & research organizations usually work with high budgets and an extensive portfolio of intellectual property. However, they often operate in traditional models, which are not in line with what the client and general demand of evergrowing part of the society expects. The academic world runs on rankings that lead to continuous competition requiring leaders who can innovate in uncertainty, work broadly and bring together a wide range of stakeholders. We cooperate with academy and their autonomous governing bodies, owners and selection committees of education and research organizations to help them review the sources of potential candidates and organizational structures. Our solutions enable major education and research organizations to achieve their mission in a constantly changing environment.

Interest Representations & Associations
In times of diverse spread of opinions, associations play a decisive role in helping their members to develop and define a unified perspective. Next, they convey the message to all stakeholders and decision-makers. Leaders of individual associations must lead their organizations with greater emphasis on influence, partnership, and innovation, so we help associations of all types to select and develop dynamic leaders capable of delivering results in a multi-stakeholder environment. Thanks to our sector-focused consultants, we have the knowledge and extensive contact networks to provide tailor-made leadership solutions.

NGOs, Charities & Foundations
Thanks to the arrival of a new generation of philanthropists, NGOs, and non-profit organizations have gained new resources and opportunities. This requires an involvement of highly qualified and enthusiastic leaders with diverse skills who speak business language and who, following the set strategy, can raise the relevant resources for their organization’s activities and ensure their transparent and effective use. Such leaders can leverage new forms of fundraising to create mutual understanding and strategic alliances with donors, including partners from the commercial sector, and who are passionate for their cause to gain the trust and support of donors, volunteers, partners, and the public. In addition to experienced leaders working in the non-profit sector already, we can identify and introduce suitable leaders from the private sector who will gladly accept a different challenge and meet the goals of a non-governmental or non-profit organization.

Arts & Sports
We help the founders, the Boards and the management teams of culture and sport organizations to critically reflect on their role in overseeing their organization and in creating community cooperation partnerships. We guide them in finding new people offering our insights into the broader competencies needed in leadership positions. We bring candidates not only from the arts, culture or sport, but also from private and non-profit sector. We find and develop individuals who can engage in the mission of the organization and who are equipped with a wide range of skills and tools to achieve the desired goals.

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