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Marketing & Sales

With tens of successfully placed candidates in the area of strategy management, sales and marketing Amrop is a sought out partner to solve issues in these functional areas. Our extensive experience is beneficial to clients in B2B, B2C and H2H areas. We help them find right candidates to manage marketing, sales or strategy departments as well as customer relations and product and brand management.


Our practice group can effectively combine marketing, communication, brand management and product management concepts with structures that help to increase sales and build relations with clients. We are responsive to needs of clients respecting their sales strategy and introducing fitting candidate profiles of leaders.

Euro, political instability in the region, insufficient access to free capital, distrust and shyness of consumers, financial and economic crisis together with science and technological innovations, powerful social media, ongoing changes and insecurity highlight the need for looking for new competitive advantages. Above that the role of traders and marketers is to work hard on keeping loyalty of the consumers. Key requirement not only in Sales and Marketing is ability to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity of business environment where constant change is the only steady factor.

Amrop is aware that is becoming more difficult for businesses to succeed in current competitive market. We view identification and selection of leaders, managers and professionals to the positions of Marketing, Sales and Strategy Officers the key factor for long term positive achievement of strategic goals and sustainable grow of the company through agile change and agile leaders.

Dynamic marketing environment, rising space and opportunities for influencing consumer behaviour through social media, platforms, new sales channels and technologies in combination with growing competitiveness calls for focus on identification, selection, development and establishment of relations with those professionals who are experienced, creative, able to think conceptually and able to find new solutions and at the same time they can implement the suitable marketing tools in order to achieve set goals. Last but not least they are able to critically evaluate and analyse their achievements. We view role of supplying agencies in advertisement, media, PR, communication, event management, digital marketing and research agencies closely interconnected with marketing.

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