Matej Taliga

Matej Taliga is a Client Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Amrop Jenewein in Slovakia and Jenewein Group. He has a strong focus on operation and client service B2C and B2B on a local and international level. With his experience in the complex computing services field, he is  a member of the Global Amrop Digital Practice Group.

Matej joined the firm in July 2019 and brought in over 15 years of entrepreneurial, operations, and business development experience.

As of July 2019, Matej leads our consulting Jenewein.private platform for Private clients with a focus on developing cooperation with the most recognized personalities of Slovak business, shareholders, private investors (Private Equity Executives), family investment groups (Family Offices), and top managers, including professional athletes and artists. He has also joined Amrop Digital PG, where he looks forward to using his experience and knowledge from this field to develop clients and cross-border business for Amrop.

In 2005 he established his firm in the insurance and financial sector. After five successful years, he sold his share to his partners. In 2010 Matej join the executive team of RMS Mezzanine fund. Their primary goal was to define the market of mezzanine finance and build the most influential mezzanine capital fund in CEE. His mission, together with the executive team, was to restructure the whole company holding and set it up as a proper mezzanine investment fund. He resigned the membership in the executive team in 2012, but he remained the position in the Supervisory Board until 2019.

He jumped on a new challenge as Chief Operations Officer working for one of the largest Call Center's in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. He was responsible for all operations and branches in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Romania and also accountable for the active and passive telephone campaigns.

In July 2013, Matej was offered to join the International Sales Organisation at IBM, the world’s greatest leader in Digital Revolution. This unique experience at Big Blue gave him the chance to understand the latest technology and its applications for clients in the area of cloud, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence with Watson. His role as International Processes & Programs executive was to create high-performance International teams focusing on Customer Support for big global clients. In this role, he gained extensive experience in the international filed,  multicultural environment and people management. Matej was able to centralize the global support for International Clients and increase the number of covered Global Accounts up to 28 with total revenue of hundreds of millions of dollars. With his team, he deployed a worldwide platform for all global contracts at IBM.

Matej’s complex experience brings a view from the client's side, which will help us transform the way we work and deliver value for our clients as well.