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Global Board

Amrop’s partnership is distinctive - created over many years by bringing together top local independent search firms across the world in a highly curated approach based on rigorous due diligence and membership standards. Our governance and management structure reflects our true partnership values.

Our Global Board is truly representative of the unique nature of our business, reflecting real diversity in gender, country of origin, culture and thinking. 

Meet our Global Board

A word from our Global Chair

Annika Farin

Growing With Purpose

We all know the world is rapidly changing. Faced with climate change, social justice movements coming to the forefront of the public consciousness, and turbulent economic times, there's a shift to purpose-driven business as a response to the many issues we are navigating as a global society. 

Organizations are beginning to weave purpose into the fabric of their existence. But as encouraging as that sounds, that also means that there's never been a more challenging time to be a leader. This is where the opportunity for Amrop comes in as a firm who exists to find Leaders for What’s Next: we have the ability and the obligation to be a thought-leader in the growing purpose-driven business movement, helping our clients identify leaders who are uniquely qualified to drive impact for business, society and the environment.

Being an advocate and spokesperson for Purposeful Leadership is not only the right thing to do; we take the view that our strategy as a Partnership is calibrated on a topic of fundamental importance to the world and to the planet, and one that should be at the forefront of the leadership conversation.

This is challenging work, but I look forward to what comes next. 

Annika Farin

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