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Global Board

Amrop’s partnership is distinctive - created over many years by bringing together top local independent search firms across the world in a highly curated approach based on rigorous due diligence and membership standards. Our governance and management structure reflects our true partnership values.

Our Global Board is truly representative of the unique nature of our business, reflecting real diversity in gender, country of origin, culture and thinking. 

Meet our Global Board

A word from our Global Chair

Annika Farin

Context in a Changing World

Amrop was formed in the 1970s by people who really cared for the relatively new and growing Executive Search industry. As entrepreneurs themselves, they wanted to bring a bespoke approach to each project, serving each client according to their unique needs and situation.

Today, this is still who we are.

We have remained an independent partnership of professional firms, and have built important unifying structures - culture, technologies, policies, brand - but we still bring our bespoke approach to each assignment, whether that's a senior search or a leadership assessment or board-level project. We like to challenge our clients in a positive sense, to feel that the dialogue with us has actually enriched or even changed their perspective. We put 'client first', and we live that each time.

Still now in 2023, we are doing everything to remain client centric, from understanding the specifics of organizational context - pinpointing issues, pain points, challenges - to aligning our teams around the world to bring the best solutions. This approach has become part of our collective DNA, showing in the work we do, in the people we hire, in the approach we take to each assignment.

I invite you to have a conversation about your leadership needs and the ways Amrop might partner with you to understand your context and work towards the right solutions for your organization.

Annika Farin

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