Accelerating Digital Transformation

True digital transformation is driven from the core of the organization and takes place at every level of the organization. From strategic to tactical, from the boardroom to the work floor, every level requires a customized solution, and customization requires specialists. Each with her/his own knowledge, digital experience and specialism.

This starts with a thorough leadership assessment of the leaders and their teams, mapping the skills and experience gaps, to later embark on an executive search strategy to find those leaders who do have the required digital skills and experience.

Amrop’s Digital Practice Team has deep technology and digital knowledge, combining functional and sector experience, a global approach and valuable insights on local talent markets. We leverage our own digital tools and systems, including our dedicated Client Portal and Amrop’s Digital Competency Model.

Our Approach and Focus

Amrop helps you select and assess the right leaders to move your organization forward on its digital transformation journey. Our dedicated teams execute executive search assignments for recruiting board members, senior management, digital leaders like CIO’s or CTO’s, security officers, CDO’s and heads of application management or IT operations. 

Sector Focus

  • Cloud, Saas, Apps
  • AI, ML and Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Telecom
  • Media & Entertainment
  • CIOs, Non-Executive Directors
  • Fintech

Digitization on Boards - 6th Edition

The tension between the CIO's priorities of enabling business objectives through technology and the CISO's of maintaining a robust security posture, can be especially challenging.

Amrop & JM Search conducted a series of interviews with CIOs & CISOs in Europe and the US, about their approach to managing their often competing priorities and relationships. Browse the report here, or click here for download.

Meet our Global Practice Leader

Digital Practice Team

Sector Focus
1Cloud, Software, Saas and Apps

The advances in CPU power and distribution are driving a new need for competitive software solutions among a wide array of companies. The digital transformation is software-centric and the industry growth shows lot of potential for high performance. From DevOps to low-code apps and platforms, ERP, Cloud, SaaS, software development trends change as fast as technology itself.

Amrop Digital practice prides itself on dynamism: an agile, connected and forward looking global team.

They are positioned to support your executive search request for exceptional professionals who can anticipate and address the transformational challenges of their business and industry.

2AI, ML and Data Analytics

Data will be used to better lead organizations and create new business opportunities reshaping your organizations. The future of work will change, humans and machines working more hand-in-hand.

Talent shortfalls will be an issue as mathematical, technical and analytical profiles will be in high demand.

There will be a need to blend technical and academic excellence with business acumen. Needing ethical and sustainable, holistic decision-making with respecting societal concerns.

Our team has access to a global talent pool - deep relationships with skilled and innovative candidates and academics around the world. Our executive search success will bring you outstanding professionals who are able to optimize the new business opportunities of data, AI and ML.


Digitization is an inevitable process for all major sectors and companies. Cyber threats are an inherent part of this revolution. All boards and executives must deal with this new reality.

Amrop helps your our client to define and fill top-level Security Officer and Head of Cybersecurity roles. We bring an excellent understanding of key requirements, potential vulnerabilities, and organizational context.

Amrop Digital practice prides itself on where and how to start an executive search assignment to find these high in demand talented leaders.


Global mobile network data traffic has doubled in the last two years, driven by continuing growth in smartphone usage, mobile broadband and now the digitalization of societies and industries. But traffic is not the only thing that grows.

Infrastructure and service providers have become our society’s enablers for adoption of tech in industries and a general catalyst for widespread connectivity innovation. Telecom companies and operators are continuously broadening the field of services and applications based on ever more advanced infrastructure. We expect to see clustering of products and services that are using artificial intelligence automation at various cloud and cloud edge compute capabilities, also enabling the emergence of collaborating systems, not only products, within networks.

With this new development, exceptional and inspiring leaders need to collaborate in defining new strategies and ways of working across industries to revamp or sustain their company’s role in new value chains. They need be capable of dissolving traditional silos, streamline and develop new business teams to bring value.

We work with thought leaders, partake in industry discussions and collaborations on human capital, serve device manufacturers, telecom operators, infrastructure, cloud and service providers in helping pioneer industry leadership across all our offices. Our executive search practice helps you find these leaders worldwide – and with our reach into growing segments worldwide, our candidates will lead and deliver the results, and our leadership advisory help and their teams perform.

5Media & Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment sector is in a high growth dynamic environment. Specific consumer demands on distributed content (language, usage, content volatility, emotional factors, and beyond) creates a need for other leaders.

There is an explosion in handheld home access devices and breakthrough of broadband networks. All leading to transitioning to medium-independent content distribution.

Multiple media and entertainment sub-sectors like Broadcast, Print, Telecom Operators, Online Gaming and Location based have their own dynamics and need for new leaders.

Amrop serves a wide spectrum of players, from creative start-ups to mature multinationals. The team is positioned to support your executive search request for exceptional professionals who can surf the turmoil that is reconfiguring your marketplace.

6Chief Information Officers, Non-Executive Directors

Technology not only brings physical change to an organization. The type of leaders that implement the technological change are wired differently as well. Each with her/his own knowledge, experience and specialism. This starts in the board; their primary responsibility should be to remove the false sense of security, comfort, and routine by trying to uncover all the factors that are yet unknown.

There is a high demand for IT Directors (CIO’s) in applications and ERP, cybersecurity, IT operations and infrastructure, networking, cloud, digital solutions and platforms. Your organization needs these Digital Directors who also are customer centric, can manage key stakeholder, are great in storytelling and a learner for the board.

Amrop brings valuable experience in how to setup an executive search strategy to find you these leaders. The successful process will include our leadership assessment and exclusive Amrop Digital Competency model.


Amrop’ s Global Fintech Practice team has extensive experience and focus within the financial technology markets. The Practice works closely with a dynamic portfolio of global consultancy firms, financial software solutions and services providers and technology start-ups operating in a series of disrupting sectors: mobile payments, money transfers and loans, fundraising and asset management.

The Amrop team has in-depth executive search experience working with both financial services and technology companies. This dual focus provides a thorough understanding of these two interconnected industries, and is a powerful platform for identifying and hiring forward-looking leaders with the relevant expertise, cultural fit and successful Fintech growth experience.


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