Amrop 40th Anniversary: 4 Decades of Leadership


Leaders for What Was, for What’s Now and for What’s Next – as Amrop celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017, find out what Amrop Partners, young entrepreneurs and senior business thinkers have to say about 4 decades of leadership.

In 2017, Amrop celebrated its 40 year anniversary. This marked a milestone in an exciting journey – one which Amrop has proudly shared with our clients and candidates, some of the world’s most inspiring hiring organizations and leaders.

It was a time to look back, examine the current leadership landscape, and look forward to What’s Next. From the first two perspectives, it is fair to conclude that the best executive search firms, (and we like to think that Amrop is no exception), have evolved into trusted advisors.

It is equally clear that trust in leaders remains fragile. Many people are seriously questioning what lessons have really been learnt since the 2008 financial crisis.

Looking forward, we propose a shift in the way leaders are hired, positioned, and function. We believe that today’s most exemplary and admired executives have something in common. Like their accomplished and smart peers, they create and capture vital economic value.

Yet they go further still. Addressing the dilemmas of modern business in a truly holistic way, they build more sustainable - and thus legitimate - organizations.

Sustainability is a core element of Amrop’s guiding Mission: ‘Shaping sustainable success through inspiring leaders’. It is a defining factor of wise decision-making – something which we believe is set to become a fundamental performance indicator for leaders and organizations going forward.

Another defining factor of wise decision-making is the way in which we reflect on our experience. Looking back helps us to look forward, gain insights and take perspective. Yet in the relentless pressure of today’s business life, too few leaders take the time to utliize this vital resource.

Our commemorative booklet brings together diverse reflections, exploring four decades of leadership. Based on interviews conducted at the 2017 Amrop World Conference in Athens, academics, business thinkers and Amrop Partners share snapshots from a wealth of experience. We hope that these will spark your own refections.

We warmly thank all who dedicated their time to joining our celebrations and sharing their experience and perspectives. Thank you, too, to the candidates, clients and colleagues who continue to inspire us every day.

We look forward to a bright future together.

Read our Commemorative Booklet