Ukrainian Professional Support Center

Job centre opening for Ukrainian Refugees in Sweden

Amrop’s Stockholm team has joined forces with Academic Work, Novare, Irisgruppen and Yrkesdörren, part of Axel Johnson, to create a job centre enabling more Ukrainians to get into employment quickly. Under the non-profit association Beredskapslyftet, the new center will match people with jobs through digital channels as well as through physical meetings at the Spirit Museum in Stockholm, which lends its premises to the project.

Yuliia Holovlova, who worked in Ukraine as a marketing manager before arriving in Sweden in early March 2022, is the project coordinator. “If your company can help with a job, be it part-time, full time or just hourly - please get in touch with us. If this project gives one person a job, that’s a success. I know just from my own experience how important a job is for a person who fled the war, and in order to settle into Swedish society and be part of the community.”

Mikael Norr, Managing Partner at Amrop in Stockholm, said, “We are really happy to be able to participate in this work. We have tried in various ways to support our own employees in Ukraine, but now we can also contribute to creating opportunities in the slightly longer term for those who fled the war to re-establish themselves and create conditions for a new life in peace.”

The initiative, launched on April 25, and was financed by Academic Work, Amrop Stockholm, Irisgruppen and Novare alongside Axel Johnson.

For more information or to offer support, contact Sandra Murphy Östlund at Amrop Stockholm: +46 (0)72 553 5623,