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Our Approach: Context Matters

We believe that finding the right candidate, evaluating a board structure or assessing leadership talent is not only about contacts or technical skills. It’s about understanding the unique context of every individual assignment. We are relentlessly ‘context driven’.

Context Is Vital

Understanding you, our client, your vision, culture and industry as well as your specific opportunities and challenges is at the heart of our approach. Because the higher the stakes, the greater the need for relevance in fulfilling your Executive Search or Leadership Assessment requirements.

Senior Attention

Our consultants and partners, all business leaders in their home markets, are at your side through every step of your journey. Ensuring you get senior attention, every time.

Global Partnership

Our worldwide partnership of founder-led businesses means we understand the word ‘global’ as much as ‘local’. Together with our strongly collaborative culture, we make sure that our clients are always at the centre of everything we do. 

We are a retainer-based executive recruitment firm and work on the basis of project exclusivity.