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Operating effective and efficient logistics in a globally challenging and dynamic environment is key to allowing a seamless flow of goods and people. Businesses are undergoing intense transformational change with the rise of digitally based infrastructure and increased globalization.


Future-proofing the needs and anticipating trends places further need for the right talent to lead and drive these changes. Navigating these challenges, Amrop Singapore leverages its long-standing expertise to seek new leaders who are able to look at the three key drivers in this sector; digital transformation via new technologies, sustainability and leading their company as environmental ambassadors to ensure long term business success.


The three key segments within this industry are:-

  1. Shipping & Maritime

  2. Road

  3. Rail


Each demands a skilled and responsive leader who can operate in a highly competitive and rapidly expanding environment. Our deep industry knowledge and networks allow us to quickly identify candidates who possess the qualities and skills required to succeed.


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