Family-owned businesses represent almost 90% of businesses around the globe. Among these are prominent organizations that have distinct significance in the global economy.

Amrop Singapore has been assisting owners and management of family businesses for more than two decades in all aspects of leadership, management, succession planning and governance issues. Our clients range from global business enterprises and mid-sized companies to smaller businesses.

Many family-owned enterprises today are facing complex challenges in succession, planning, professional management and structure. Ensuring business sustainability is often challenged by business outgrowing management structures, hampering a successful transition from one generation to the next. We deliver unbiased views and expertise from business partners such as performance management consultants, organizational and behavioural psychologists, business and faculty experts – depending on the scope of requirements. 


Finding future leaders

The main areas of expertise include:


  • Leadership Coaching and Development

  • Team Strategy Consulting



  • Change Management

  • Succession Planning
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