Maria da Gloria Ribeiro

Maria da Gloria Ribeiro founded the executive search firm Sirca Portugal in 1988, which became part of Amrop three years later.

Maria da Glória has served a large number of clients, providing specific advice on senior management recruitment and leadership solutions.

She holds an MA degree in Psychology combined with a specialization in Business Organization Development and has a strong background in strategic consulting and Organizational Behavior. Maria da Glória is also an alumnus of IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland and is certified for the Amrop Trusted Advisor Program: C-level Positioning. In May 2019 she attended the Singularity University Executive Program.

Maria da Glória is the author of the book EU Sou o meu Maior Projecto, published in 2016 by Manuscrito Editora, and co-author, alongside Professors Miguel Pina e Cunha, Nova School of Business and Economics, and Arménio Rego, Universidade de Aveiro, of the study Liderança para a Sustentabilidade, a voz de quem lidera em Portugal, published in 2013 by Actual Editora. 

Maria da Glória was named one of the world’s Top 200 Executive Recruitment Consultants according to Nancy Garrison-Jenn, author of “The Global 200 Executive Recruiters”.