Sao Paulo

Amrop 2GET is a top-ranked search firm in Brazil, focused on senior leadership positions including C-suite and Executive Board Members. The firm was founded as '2GET' in 2009 and currently has offices in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

With offices in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro Amrop, Amrop 2GET is a premier executive search firm in Brazil and is currently ranked among the country’s five largest search firms.

Amrop 2GET has built a strong reputation in the Brazilian market, emphasizing client-centered solutions, collaborative and efficient processes, underpinned by sophisticated data analysis and the intelligent use of technology. The firm has a strategic partner, Galicia Investimentos, a local private equity fund and is comprised of 13 Partners and an extended team of 50 people, including 27 Researchers.

Amrop 2GET offers specialized expertise in a number of sectors, including Industrial, Technology & Media, Oil & Gas, Real Estate & Construction, Financial Services, Consumer & Retail, Life Sciences, and Agribusiness. The firm is also recognized for its work with family owned companies, investment funds and entrepreneurs. In addition to executive search, 2GET provides a range of Leadership Services, including Board Assessment and CEO Succession.