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In the transformational industries of Hospitality, Travel and Leisure, it is critical to have leaders who can meet the challenges of changing consumer expectations, disruptive technologies, and unstable environments. 


The industry is changing its organizational and commercial models to meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated international travellers who place a premium on the level of personalized customer service and experience. 


Successful industry leaders must have vision, creativity, advanced analytical and relationship skills, and be ready to face challenges to the status quo. Because of a shortage of talent who have mastered the transformation and with the finger on the pulse, companies are increasingly seeking to attract professionals with functional experience from technology organizations and other consumer brands. 

Amrop Singapore has the depth of experience across the broad spectrum of hotels and resorts, casinos, and travel organizations that enables us to identify board members, leadership and management executives with the competencies that give our clients the competitive edge. 


Our global strength lies in our experience in the more mature markets of the U.S. and Europe, partnered with in-depth local knowledge of the growing demand in Asia. Our historical roots in Europe built a foundation of strong relationships with luxury best-in-class service organizations, enabling us to shape a practice that offers a full suite of solutions that identifies, assesses, and recruits talent with exception.


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