Clients have trusted our board services for over three decades, including assessment and appointments for Supervisory and Executive Boards of listed/non-listed global companies, private and family-owned businesses, private equity firms, and non-profit organizations. 

Enhancing board effectiveness for future resilience through adequate board competencies is an ongoing concern to safeguard stability when sudden challenges arise and to maintain a fully effective board dedicated to the organization’s strategy. 

A regular evaluation of the functionality and performance effectiveness of a board is critical. Self-reflection and individual assessment require honesty to define the right profile and promise member cohesiveness necessary to meet the efficacy. 

Our board evaluations are designed to deliver qualitative and quantitative insights, allow clarity and self-awareness, and ensure a ”fit and sound” level of competencies and good governance expected of a high-performing board. 

Agility, candour, credibility, professionalism and passion for the mission are defining criteria in today’s environment and rank high as critical assets when selecting a Chair or new member to the Board. 

We assist in creating a well-defined profile specification to achieve the best possible solution for your Board. We have the advantage of our substantial global network, knowledge across industries, and extensive track record that has been carefully curated, enabling swift access to executives of calibre for Independent Directors and Chairs.

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